Blog – All About Certified True Copy Attestation in Dubai

In today’s world, where producing documents before authorities is an everyday occurrence, ensuring their authenticity and accuracy holds paramount importance. Amidst numerous formalities and requirements in the UAE, one procedure that often stands out as a necessity is true copy attestation. Let’s deep dive to know more about certified true copy attestation in the UAE....
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E-Notarization Process For POAs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Since the onset of the global pandemic, the UAE government has introduced a more innovative and convenient process for completing several procedures online. Individuals from outside the UAE have found it difficult to travel due to international travel bans and restrictions, and those with expired Emirates IDs have had a hard time completing and attending...
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How To E-notarize a Power of Attorney in the UAE

In line with the social distancing norms induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Notary Public offices in the UAE have introduced e-notarization procedures for Powers of Attorney. With this provision, you may now register POAs remotely from your home. The Notary Public issues the notarized Powers of Attorney via email. These POAs are verifiable through...
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6 Things You Need To Know About Property Powers Of Attorney In UAE

Given the number of investments made by the expats in the Emirate of Dubai, the use of property power of attorney has become a norm to allow the management and or sale/purchase of the properties in Dubai. A number of overseas investors rely on this document as the key document in order for their investments...
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