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JustPOA provides instant and the best legal translation services in Dubai. You can have any legal document translated, into a specific language, to be used in any region around the globe. Legal translation involves translating the document into the regional administrative language all while ensuring that the localized terms and terminologies have been taken into consideration. Government bodies, courts, banks, embassies, and other entities in the UAE and around the world usually need legally translated documents. The translation process is carried out by certified legal translators in accordance with the relevant region’s laws.

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How it Works

How to obtain legal translation services in the UAE?


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3. Translation

We will complete legal translation of your documents.


What is legal translation of documents?

Legal translation is the process of translating a document into another language while maintaining its original meaning and ensuring that it is ready for use in the local legal system. This process calls for legal translation specialists since it requires an understanding of the legal document and its needs, comprehension of the local legal system, all while ensuring the document serves its intended purpose.


Who needs legal translation services in Dubai and across the UAE?

Legal translation services can be required by any individual who is looking to process documents that are originally issued in a language that is different from the local administrative language. For instance, consider a scenario where you are required to submit a home country-issued legal document to a government department in the UAE. In this case, your document may require legal Arabic translation since it is the administrative language in the UAE. Below are some examples of individuals who might use our legal translation services in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE.

  • Investors
  • Business owners
  • Legal firms
  • International students
  • Immigrants and emigrants

Which documents typically require legal translation in Dubai and across the UAE?

The list of documents that require legal translation includes but is not limited to:

  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Educational certificates
  • Driving licenses
  • Immigration documents
  • Commercial agreements
  • Business contracts
  • Business licenses
  • Powers of attorney
  • Wills
  • Legal notices
  • Court transcripts

We translate a wide range of legal documents in addition to those mentioned above. Besides legal Arabic translation, we offer services for translation in several other languages.


What is the difference between standard and legal translation?

Legal translation ensures that a document is pertinent to the regional laws after being translated in accordance with specific guidelines. On the other hand, the purpose of a standard translation process is to preserve the meaning of the original text in another language.

Legal translation must utilize terms that are appropriate to the home country’s laws while maintaining the foreign language’s meaning because a legal document is bound to include definitions and assertions. The objective is to avoid ambiguities and misinterpretations when the document is reviewed in a foreign country where the rules and regulations can be different from those in the country where the document was issued.


How do we provide legal translation service in Dubai?

Step 1: Provide us with your details and we will send you a quote.

Step 2: Once you approve our quote, you can complete the payment.

Step 3: Send us the legal documents to be translated.

We provide this service through our affiliated legal translation services in Dubai.

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