Witnessing of Signatures in UAE

Witnessing of signatures is carried out by a lawyer on documents such as statutory declarations, affidavits and application forms. As part of the witnessing, the lawyer confirms that the person in question has signed the document in his presence and the lawyer has verified his identity through passport or other applicable ID. This type of witnessing is often required by government authorities, embassies, banks and other private bodies around the world to confirm that the person in question has indeed signed the document.

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How it Works

How to obtain witnessing of signatures in Dubai and UAE?


1. Order

Place your order on our website.


2. Meeting

Attend the scheduled meeting with your original document and a valid ID.


3. Signing and Witnessing

Sign the document and have it witnessed.


What is witnessing of signatures in Dubai and across the UAE?

Witnessing of signatures is carried out by a lawyer whereby he acts as a witness to the signing of a document.

The person signing the document shows his valid passport or other relevant ID and signs the document in the presence of a lawyer. The lawyer then signs and stamps the document to confirm that the person in question has signed the document in the presence of the lawyer.


Who needs witnessing of signatures on documents?

Any person presenting a document that is signed by him to any government departments, embassies, banks and private bodies may be asked to have the document signed in the presence of a lawyer who should also sign the document as a witness. This is an acceptable method of signature verification around the world to establish that the person in question is the one who has signed the document.

Our clients request for witnessing service as part of the following documents:

  1. Immigration documents.
  2. Applications for admission to academic or professional institutions.
  3. bank account opening applications.
  4. Property sale and purchase transactions.
  5. Submission of documents to the courts.

Which documents are typically witnessed?

The following documents can be witnessed through us:

  • Declarations
  • Affidavits
  • Application forms
  • Letters
  • Powers of attorney
  • Confirmations

If your document is not listed above, please contact us so we can advise if we can still assist you with the witnessing requirement.


What is the difference between notary and lawyer witnessing in the UAE?

The notary public in the UAE typically witnesses documents that are permitted to be witnessed by the notary public under the law. There are a number of situations where the documents intended to be used outside the UAE are not witnessed by the notary public. These documents are thus witnessed by lawyers in the UAE in line with the requirements of the government body or embassy requesting the witnessing of signatures.


How do we provide this service?

Step 1: Place the order for witnessing of signatures through the website.

Step 2: Receive a confirmation of your appointment at a time convenient to you.

Step 3: Attend the meeting with the original document and valid ID, sign the document and have it witnessed.

We provide this service through our affiliated law firms in Dubai and the UAE.

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