True Copy Attestation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

A certified true copy is a document issued by a lawyer with his signature and stamp confirming that the document in question is a ‘true copy’ of the original document. True copy attestation is typically required for documents such as passports, DEWA/utility bills and employment letters by government authorities, embassies, consulates, banks and other private institutions around the world.

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How it Works

How to obtain true copy attestation in Dubai and UAE?


1. Order

Place your order on our website.


2. Submission

Provide us with your original documents.


3. Attestation

Our lawyer will attest true copies of your original document.


What is a true copy attestation in Dubai and across the UAE?

A certified true copy is a document issued by a lawyer with his signature and stamp specifically stating that the document is a true copy of the original document. For example, a passport true copy is a photocopy of an original passport (typically the main page with photo) with the signature and stamp of a lawyer stating that it is a true copy of the original passport. In some cases, the lawyer may write specific wording confirming the true copy if there is a written guideline/requirement from the institution requesting the true copy.


Who needs true certified copies of documents?

The certification is often required by various government departments, embassies, consulates and private institutions around the world in order for them to rely on and accept copies of original documents for transactions requested by the document holder. A true copy attestation is thus an important part of document verification.

Our clients in Dubai and across the UAE typically request for the certified true copy of passports, utility bills and various other documents to fulfill the requirements from third parties and government departments across the world in the following situations:

  1. Immigration to various countries including but not limited to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA and United Kingdom.
  2. Setting up all types of companies including but not limited to offshore companies around the world.
  3. Property sale and purchase transactions.
  4. Offshore bank account opening.
  5. Submission of documents to the courts around the world as part of litigation process.

Lawyers providing certification services for us are trusted by embassies, consulates and government departments across the world.


Which documents do we accept?

The following documents can be certified as true copies through us:

  • Passports
  • Utility bills (i.e. DEWA bill etc)
  • Telephone bills (Etisalat and du)
  • Photos
  • Bank statements
  • Tenancy contracts
  • Employment and experience letters issued by employers
  • Marriage certificates
  • Degree or other educational certificates
  • Application forms

We may still be able to help you in case your document is not listed above. Please contact us so we can advise if we can have your document certified.


The Difference Between a True Copy Attestation by a Lawyer and Notary Public

When it comes to legal processes, a lot of people get confused between attestation and notarization of documents and mistakenly assume they mean the same. Oftentimes, we receive requests from clients for notary attestation of their documents.  Indeed, interchanging the two is a common mistake or confusion.  In fact, there are differences that make them distinct from each other.

True Copy Attestation

If the original document cannot be given, true copies of documents are required. Attestation of a document as true copy in Dubai and across the UAE is done by a lawyer. A lawyer cross-checks the original document, signs and stamps the photocopies with the statement “I certify that this document is a true and correct copy of the original”.

Passports, utility bills/DEWA bills and employment certificates are the common documents that require true copy attestations in the UAE. Documents witnessed by a lawyer are used for various purposes including visa application, company registration, buying/selling a real estate and bank account opening.

For transactions in the UAE, it is a common requirement to have a true copy of a passport. Examples of these transactions include bank account openings, incorporating companies, immigration and property transfers. To issue the true copy, you need to visit the lawyer personally so he/she can verify that the photo on the passport resembles you.

Notary Public Attestation

Attestation of a document can also be done by a notary public. The notary public witnesses the signing of a document and verifies the authenticity, this process is called notarization. This procedure can only be done by the notary public.

The notary public in the UAE notarizes documents such as power of attorney, signatures, memorandum of association and certain types of affidavits. It is required that drafted documents must be translated to Arabic language or in English and Arabic language. However, the notary public does not provide true copies of the documents such as passports and utility bills.

In some countries, the notary public signs the document and puts the notary seal but some countries do not, including the UAE. The notary public in the UAE signs, stamps and puts further details of the notary on the document.

How it Works in the UAE?

True copy attestation of most documents in Dubai and across the UAE is carried out by lawyers. The notary public does not certify true copies of passports in the UAE. Thus, it is required to have a true copy carried out by a lawyer in the UAE.


How do we provide this service?

Step 1: You will first need to place the order for document certification through the website by selecting the number of documents you wish to have certified.

Step 2: We will then provide you an appointment at a time convenient for you.

Step 3: You will need to attend a meeting with the original document where the lawyer will sign and stamp cop(ies) of the original documents.

We provide hassle-free and seamless service by arranging for the certified true copies of original documents through our affiliated law firms in Dubai and the UAE.

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