In line with the social distancing norms induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Notary Public offices in the UAE have introduced e-notarization procedures for Powers of Attorney. With this provision, you may now register POAs remotely from your home. The Notary Public issues the notarized Powers of Attorney via email. These POAs are verifiable through a QR code and do not have physical hard copies. At JustPOA, we offer complete assistance with the e-notarization process for those clients who draft a POA through us.

Documents Required

The e-notarization process for a POA requires the following documents:

  1. Emirates ID: A valid Emirates ID is required if you are a UAE resident.
  2. Passport: A valid passport is required if you do not have a valid Emirates ID.

Below we have explained the three (3) steps to complete the e-notarization of your POA with the Notary Public offices in the UAE. Upon finalization, the online notarization will take 2-3 working days after the finalization of POA.

Step 1: Preparing Draft of Power of Attorney

You need to select the type of POA required and place an order on our website. Following this, you need to fill out and submit the relevant order form. We will subsequently prepare a draft of the POA. Upon receiving the draft, you may request amendments for the same.

Step 2: Translating to Arabic

Once the final draft is approved by you, we will translate it into Arabic. The translation process is mandatory since the Notary Public offices in the UAE accept only Arabic-translated documents. Moreover, the document must be translated by a licensed legal translator only.

Step 3: E-Notarizing Power of Attorney

For the e-notarization process, we will arrange your video conferencing call with the Notary Public officer over BOTIM. Over the call, your identity, and powers to be given on the POA will be validated. Once this process is complete, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to you which must be provided to the Notary Public. The notarization of your POA is finalised once the OTP is provided to the Notary Public.

JustPOA offers complete assistance with drafting and notarization of personal and business POAs in the UAE.